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It’s a new day in pickleball, and a special one, with arguably the sport’s biggest news story in a long time. Today, the Carvana Professional Pickleball Association (PPA) announced that Vulcan Sporting Goods Co. was selected as the new supplier of the “Official Ball” of the PPA Pro Tour. Vulcan’s official ball debuts at the first pro tour stop of the new year, January 9-14, 2024, at The Hyundai PPA Masters in Palm Springs, California.

The Vulcan VPRO FLIGHT Pickleball is now the pickleball, the new standard, the new elite ball, and the most important ball in the sport. Some in the pickleball world may be surprised as most amateurs have not played with – much less seen – Vulcan’s new ball. However, the PPA and professional players have been quietly testing it and putting it through the rigors of high-level play for a long time. And they are delighted with it, as Vulcan created a ball that solves many of the issues with other pickleballs, and it flat out plays the best. It is a great ball for serious players, and all high-level players, where performance and playability come first. 

The Choice Of Professionals, Because It Plays The Best for Today's Game

Last year, the PPA invited the sport’s leading brands including all of the existing ball makers to submit samples for evaluation. And after extensive engineering analysis and playtesting by the PPA and the world’s most elite pro players, Vulcan’s new ball emerged as the clear winner. They chose it with overwhelming consensus because it plays the best for today's game. The Vulcan VPRO FLIGHT is fast-and-lively, hard-yet-resilient, and possesses great feel, consistent aerodynamic flight, perfect bounce, and excellent spin-performance. And in speedups and hand battles, which have gotten increasingly shorter and less enjoyable with today’s hot paddles, the Vulcan ball ensures that the better player wins. For pro players, the ball checks all of the boxes, and helps pros play their game in the most competitive and entertaining way, which advances the sport for everyone in the right direction.

Starting with the 2024 PPA Pro Tour, new-ball protocols are being introduced, now consistent with every other major sport. With each match, new fresh balls are put into play, creating a fair playing field, involving game-balls that are at their consistent best.

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